Introducing Okra Folk



 The okra folk are just your average sentient okra, most live a peaceful, simple and prosperous life, though the calamity has taken it’s toll on a few. They enjoy nature, fellowship, farming chia, as well as growing okra(not to eat, they are long past those days…..well….most are anyway). Their plane of existence is an odd one, even more so since the calamity happened, but no reason to bring up the negative! Life is still great for most, the elder and warrior okra are quite successful in shielding them and their inner world from the calamity’s affects.

If you want to support the Okra Project, or if you just like the art. These are the NFTs for you. Proceeds will go towards project development, art and later infrastructure costs.

*Presell OKR1 tokens will be redeemable 1:1 for an Okra Folk NFT

Available Now!




If issue arise, or no offers are posted you can submit one here

Trait Information

5 Nose, 7 Eyes, 11 mouths, 9 Shirts/Clothes(With Color Variations), 5 Hair/Hats(Color Variations), 3 Eyewear, 4 alt accessories. 

Depending on popularity more may be added.

Asset ID: bfca2c9ec2867088e3db6b839a6f69d6a4725cab61c614c56e0e68742a2b

Release Details

  • Total of 1000 to be released in 4 waves of 250 tokens involving 2 NFT releases. First wave will be a token pre-sale, 2nd wave will be when the NFT standard is released and will coincide with the actual release of the okras on to change, but most likely gallery option). 500 Okras will be released on their site at this time, with a 72 hour window for people who participated in the presell to claim theirs. After this period is up the 2nd wave of tokens will be released, which can be redeemed for the remaining ones.

  • Waves 3/4 will occur after all or most of the original 500 are claimed and will follow the same release format as the first 2 waves(presell of 250 tokens, 500 okras released, 72hr pre-sell claim window). This release is aimed more towards the end of the year or possibly beginning of next year to coincide with the alpha of Okra Space. 

  • Depending on demand 2nd release may not occur, if such is the case the remaining 500 tokens will be burned capping the project at 500 okras.

  • Holders of an Okra Folk will be granted exclusive benefits and early access to ecosystem developments.

  • NFT files will be hosted on Arweave network for long term persistence, metadata and owner ship will remain on the chia network using their NFT standard.  Any integration of them in the Okra Space will be verify  through your DID and use a cached copy.

  • Okras will be released in offer files for 0.4 XCH each, they will also include 40,000 OKRA tokens. These tokens are to provide a utility bonus to project supporters for when the project is released.

  • Price of redemption token in XCH may be changed depending on if XCH price goes up or down. The goal is to maintain affordability of the project. A held 10-15% sway in XCH price likely will lead to and adjustment.

  • 25 Tokens will be reserved for periodic giveaways.

  • Royalties with be set to 7%

  • NFT dimensions will be 1024 x 1024